Elwood Joseph Bergman (funghoul) wrote in wops_unite,
Elwood Joseph Bergman

I bleed tomato sauce.

Don't let the last name fool you, I'm not really Swiss. My mother came to America on a boat through Ellis Island from San Giovanni Gemini. My father is only half Sicilian, but he's from Bensonhurst. I am, in fact, a truck driver, but when I say "Let's roll," I mean "Let's go bowling."

I was wondering if anybody else has heard about the thrifty genome theory. After some blood tests, my sister's doctor explained it to her and said that she was pretty sure we have some African blood, probably from the Punic Wars. I'm cool with that.

Anybody have any jokes? Here's one:
How do you know who the bride is at an Italian wedding?
She's the one with braided armpit hair.
How do you know who the groom is?
He's the one with the clean bowling shirt.
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