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gaah..must find sleep..must find sanity..really should'nt join cult...

yeah..it's a bit early..unless you usually wake up around 5:20 in the morning(and i'm sure a lot of people do)..but i definitely usually don't..i think the last time i woke up this early was when david ws visiting and i wanted to sneak in his room and stare at him till he woke up..ok..well...that's kind of creepy and i definitely didn't do that..heh. either way..i am majorly sleep deprived and mentaly vulnerable. when was trying to think of the world vulnerable..i was thinking more along the lines of innoperable..if that is even a word..i def. got the spelling wrong if it is. either way..i am insane and italian and those are two traits that shouldn't mix...that and i definitely want to fake marry brendan leondard! and that's another thing---oh gosh..i forgot. well--this post is going no where fast..hope everyone can share and enjoy my lack of sleep...post more later and uh...morning
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